GPS Site Management Technology

Aspen Digger is now utilizing Trimble GPS Machine Control Technology

A GPS Excavation Contractor

The Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software simplifies site operations and enables us to save you money that would normally be spent hiring surveying companies to do field stake out. Through utilizing a GPS excavation contractor, your job will be able to be finished faster for a lower budget. Utilizing GPS machine control production is greatly increased because we do not have to stop work and wait for the survey company to arrive and give us points. We are now able to shoot in points at any time and provide our clients with the most accurate as-built site measurements at the end of the project.

GPS excavation contractor
GPS excavation contractor

The Trimble Software allows us to measure surfaces and use those measurements for computing surface to surface volume and quickly and accurately measure stockpiles, topsoil, back fill material and aggregates. This allows our company a competitive edge during the bidding process and while in the field because take off material and earthwork quantities can be figured more quickly and accurately. It also allows us to control the stake out of complex side slopes in the field without having to compute them first in the office.

The Trimble Software permits us to import data provided by an engineer or surveyor. We are then able to validate that information in the field and make on the spot informed decisions based on factual data. We are also able to prepare 3D accurate surface models to evaluate for mistakes prior to starting work which minimizes down time at every stage of the project.

GPS excavation contractor
GPS excavation contractor

Aspen Digger is very excited about our increased efficiency from using the Trimble Software in the field because we are able to monitor the production rates, overall accuracy and consistency of finished grade and laid material thickness quickly and accurately. The system also works with live site conditions and adjusts automatically to ground elevations found on the project, allowing us to react and adjust accordingly without wasting valuable site time and keep the project on schedule.

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